Circle Track Steering Shaft

Circle Track Steering Shaft

Racing Classes: Street Stock & Modified

Most Street Stock and Modified racers must use a stock style power steering box. The rules at most tracks require the use of the stock steering system w/ a stock steering box. In most cases, the steering ratio in the stock steering box is too slow, so many racers add a steering quickener to the stock system. The steering quickener is added between the steering wheel and steering box. It is generally less expensive to add the steering quickener to the stock box than to purchase a modified steering box with a quicker ratio.

Racers generally want a quicker steering ratio on short tracks and slower on longer tracks. Dirt track racers usually want a very fast ratio and use a steering quickener with a 2:1 ratio for most short tracks. Asphalt racers also want a fast ratio, but not quite as fast - about 1.5:1ratio (most short tracks).

For safety reasons, it is recommended that you use a collapsible steering column. You should also add a shaft collar on the steering shaft to limit upward movement toward the driver (mount it near one of the rod-end style Steering Shaft Supports).

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