Can you tell me more about the Extend program?

Q-What's covered?

Good news! Your product is protected from defects and breakdowns caused by normal wear and tear. Extend plans cover your product above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty. This plan does not cover accidental damage or damage caused by abuse or misuse. Be nice to your stuff. :)

Q-When is it covered?

Your Extend protection plan begins as soon as the manufacturer's warranty expires, and lasts for the number of years you select for purchase. For example, let's say that on January 1, 2020, you purchased a product with a one-year manufacturer's warranty and also selected a two-year protection plan from Extend. Your manufacturer's warranty would cover your product through January 1, 2021, and your Extend protection plan would protect your product an additional two years through January 1, 2023!

Q-How do I file a claim?

The Extend team is always happy to help! Just reach out to them through their online claims portal for immediate service: You can also get in touch by calling Extend at 877-248-7707.

Q-If my claim is approved, how will my claim be paid?

If approved you will be issued a JEGS gift card for the original part purchase price. You can call or visit JEGS.COM to purchase the replacement part using the JEGS gift card for payment (original purchase price may vary from the current price)

Q-How can I tell if a part is eligible for an Extend protection plan?

Visit JEGS.COM and view the part detail. All eligible parts will include the Extend protection plan details for 1,2 or 3-year plans.


Q-Can I purchase the Extend protection plan on JEGS.COM and orders placed over the phone?

Yes! – our phone sales team can assist with selling the Extend protection plan for eligible parts with the same pricing and details you see on JEGS.COM. To be eligible for a plan we must obtain a valid email address from you. All plans are issued through your email address.


Q-Can I purchase an Extend protection plan on a part that I have already purchased?

Yes! – you can purchase an Extend protection plan on eligible parts by calling 800-345-4545 and select option 3 followed by option 4. You will need your original sale information along with the part number(s) for the eligible warranty. The Extend protection plan must be purchased before the manufacturer’s warranty expires.


Q-Can I cancel my Extend protection plan?

Yes – if you decide you don’t want to continue with the Extend protection plan, you can cancel for a full refund within the original manufactures warranty period. Plans can also be canceled after the Extend protection plan has started, but the refund amount will be pro-rated. To cancel, please call 800-345-4545 and select option 3 followed by option 4.

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