Calvert Racing Warranty

DISCLAIMER: While Calvert Racing, Inc.'s components are designed to withstand intense racing conditions, it is impossible to predict every scenario or conditions under which they might be used. It is for this reason that neither the seller nor the manufacturer will be liable for any and all damages or bodily injury directly or indirectly arising from the use of any Calvert Racing, Inc. product. Before installation, it is the customer's responsibility to determine the suitability of each product for customer purposes and shall assume all responsibility in connection therewith.
LIABILITY: Due to the unusual stresses put on racing components, no warranty is expressed or implied. Calvert Racing, Inc. will not be liable for any property damage and/or bodily injury caused by the use or misuse of any product we manufacturer or sell. The customer acknowledges that Calvert Racing, Inc. has no control over the installation and/or use of its products and therefore does not guarantee results.
PART NUMBERS. It is the customer's responsibility to verify correct part numbers are used on all orders. Any incorrectly ordered parts may be returned or exchanged with advance authorization from Calvert Racing, Inc. Return shipping costs in these instances remain the customer’s responsibility.
PRICES: Subject to change without notice.
RETURNS: New or unused parts purchased directly through Calvert Racing, Inc. in their original packaging may be returned or exchanged within 60 (sixty) days of purchase. Call Calvert Racing, Inc. for return authorization and instructions. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted. Once the returned product is received by Calvert Racing, Inc., it is subject to inspection before the refund is approved. Used or damaged products determined not to be manufacturer defects will not be refunded. Calvert Racing, Inc. will replace or repair any Calvert Racing, Inc. product found to be defective and purchased directly from us, subject to our inspection and final approval.
RIGHTS RETAINED: Calvert Racing, Inc. reserves the right to make changes in design, make additions to and/or improvements upon any of our products at any time without incurring any obligation whatsoever to replace or upgrade products previously sold.
SHIPPING ERRORS: Any shipping errors (incomplete orders, etc.) must be reported to Calvert Racing, Inc. within 48 hours of the receipt of merchandise by calling our facility during normal business hours or via email.
SPECIFICATIONS: Non-critical specifications, finishes and materials are subject to change without notice. Calvert Racing, Inc. products and components are intended for racing and finishes are not guaranteed to be of “show” quality.
WARNING: Products manufactured by Calvert Racing, Inc. are designed for racing and specified street use only. Accordingly, use of said products, modification to or construction of a vehicle for any other purpose other than for which the part(s) were designed and manufactured may create dangerous conditions that could cause material damage and/or bodily injury. The buyer hereby expressly assumes all risks associated with any modifications, construction, or use of Calvert Racing, Inc.’s products other than manufacturer intended purpose.

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