Wilco Off-Road Warranty

Wilco Offroad Product Warranty


Wilco Offroad (Wilco) warrants to the original Purchaser/Consumer of Wilco’s Products and applies only to Products which are defective in material or workmanship. Wilco will provide free of charge the replacement of any Products which are defective in material or workmanship (the “Warranty”). This Warranty applies only to the Purchaser/ Consumer of the Products.

Limitations & Exclusions: The Warranty applies only to Products which are defective in material or workmanship. This Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. (1) Products that have been abused, crashed, altered, modified, or installed on vehicles other than those approved by Wilco Offroad (2) Cost of the original installation, removal, or reinstallation (3) Damages and shipping charges (4) Latch bushings, safety cable assembly, bolts, nuts, latch pins, cap plugs, tether cables/crimps, and thrust washers (These parts are subject to wear and are not considered defective when worn.

The Warranty does not cover service or labor charges which are incurred in removing or replacing any Products. The Warranty does not cover the finish placed on Products by Wilco including powdercoating. Accordingly, Wilco will not replace, repair or refinish any Products if the finish on the Product is worn in any manner.

The Warranty does not extend to Products which are damaged or which fail as a result of the Product being abused, neglected, or misused in any manner, or as a result of any accident, overloading, improperly installed, or damage resulting from improper operation or maintenance or attempted repair by anyone other than an pre-authorized representative of Wilco or if altered in any manner by anyone other than Wilco .

Defective Products returned to Wilco become property of Wilco. If a Wilco Product is inspected by an authorized Wilco representative and is determined to be defective in materials or workmanship within the aforementioned time period and pursuant to the requirements set forth herein. Wilco will, in its sole and absolute discretion, do one of the following: a) Repair or replace without charge FOB it’s designated service center. b) Send a service team to the then current location of the Product to repair or replace it on site; or allow credit for the Product. All warranty claims MUST involve an inspection of the Product and be approved by an authorized Wilco representative, and all repair procedures must be pre-approved by Wilco before any repair work can begin. There are no exceptions to this procedure, so please contact Wilco Tech Support on-line at “info@wilcooffroad.com” immediately before attempting any repairs or modifications of your Wilco product. No claim for Products alleged to be defective will be allowed until Wilco has had a reasonable opportunity to investigate each claim. Obligations of Purchaser/Consumer: To obtain the benefits of the Warranty, the Purchaser/Consumer must complete the following steps: All claims are barred unless reported in writing by Purchaser/Consumer to Wilco with full particulars, promptly after the damage was or reasonably should have been discovered and full facilities are offered Wilco for inspection and investigation.

The Purchaser/Consumer must present the defective Product(s) together with proof of purchase to Wilco’s designated service center within the above warranty period. For the designated service center please contact your Wilco dealer, installer, retailer or online at “info@wilcooffroad.com”. The Purchaser/Consumer must pay all handling, transportation, and shipping charges incurred for the return of the defective Products to Wilco and for delivery of the replacement Products by Wilco to the Purchaser/Consumer.

This warranty is invalid if factory applied identification criteria have been altered or removed from the Product. Work performed by others must have the prior authorization of Wilco to be honored. Severability— Any legally or otherwise invalid provision hereof shall be considered severable. Any condition of exceptions which may be stated in any communication or document received by Wilco from any entity or individual, including but not limited to the Purchaser, shall be of no effect unless specifically agreed to in writing by Wilco. The current warranties and terms outlined on the Wilco Offroad website (www.wilcooffroad.com) on the date of the purchase shall take precedence over any other warranties whether verbal or written. Wilco reserves the right to alter its warranties from time to time, as the laws and company’s business needs and industry change.

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