Unisteer Warranty

Unisteer Performance Warranty for Manual and Hydraulic Rack & Pinions Systems and Hydraulic Power Steering Pumps
What the Warranty Covers:
Unisteer Performance warrants to the original retail purchaser of any Unisteer hydraulic or manual rack & pinion system or hydraulic power steering pump that it will be free from defects in material or workmanship, with exceptions as listed below. No person or entity is otherwise authorized to change or modify this warranty or to create additional warranties on Unisteer Rack & Pinion systems or Pump. This Warranty does NOT apply to custom products.

How Long the Warranty Lasts:
Rack & Pinion systems and Pumps are warrantied for life to the original retail purchaser.

What Unisteer will do:
Unisteer will inspect and test any alleged defective Rack & Pinion system at no cost to the purchaser. If Unisteer finds any part of the Rack & Pinion or Power Steering Pump to be defective, within the Warranty Period, Unisteer, at its sole option, will repair or replace the Rack & Pinion or Pump or any part of thereof, at no charge to the original purchaser. In the event that Unisteer determines that repairs or replacement is not possible or practical, Unisteer/Wicked Bilt, at its sole discretion and determination, may replace an Rack & Pinion system or Power Steering Pump or any part thereof with a similar product or refund.

What purchaser is responsible for:
The purchaser is responsible contacting Unisteer to make a Warranty claim, providing proof of purchase, and obtaining a Returned Goods Authorization number. The purchaser is then responsible for removing the unit from the vehicle and for transporting or shipping the unit to Unisteer Performance. The original Rack & Pinion system or Power Steering Pump must be returned to Unisteer Performance to be evaluated for a warranty claim. No Rack & Pinion system, Power Steering Pump, or parts thereof, or refund will be given without the original system being returned for evaluation. The purchaser bears the responsibility for any ancillary labor costs for the removal of an alleged Electra Steer System or the install of a replacement Electra Steer System or parts.

What is not covered by the Warranty:
Unisteer Performance’s Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover the following:
• Damage done to a Rack & Pinion system or Power Steering Pump due to improper installation, unit modification, obvious abuse or use in a manner the system was never intended for. This includes accidental reversal of the pressure and return lines on a Rack or pump – this is excluded from the Warranty
• Any ancillary costs caused by an allegedly defective unit, including but not limited to; labor to install, remove or replace an Electra Steer System, any other damage to a vehicle alleged caused by an alleged defective Electra Steer System, towing costs, repairs costs or shipping fees.
Do not open or disassemble any Rack & Pinion system or Power Steering Pump or component thereof. Doing so will automatically VOID this warranty.
To make a Warranty Claim, please call in for an RGA number and follow the instructions on the Return Policy for shipping the product back to Unisteer Performance/ Wicked Bilt.

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