TCI Automotive Warranty

TCI® Automotive, LLC warrants that all of its products are free from defects in material and workmanship, for a period of 30 days on Racing equipment and a period of 90 days on Street/Strip equipment. The warranty period begins from the date of purchase. We recommend that you keep your invoice or receipt because proof of purchase date is required. This limited warranty shall only cover the original purchaser.

Warranty coverage requires the use of TCI® Max-Shift™ Cooler Flush (or equivalent) to remove debris which could impact the proper function of your new torque converter and/or transmission.

Warranty coverage requires the use of a premium high performance transmission fluid such as TCI® Max-Shift™ (or equivalent).


There Is Absolutely No Warranty On The Following:
a. Any product that has been physically altered, improperly installed or maintained.
b. Any product used in an improper application, abused or not used in connection with the proper parts.
c. Any product that is defective due to accident, neglect or unauthorized repair.
d. Any product where proper cooling and/or fluid levels have not been maintained.
e. Any transmission not used with a TCI® torque converter.
There is no implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. TCI®'s obligation under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of its products. There are no warranties that extend beyond the description on the face of this warranty. TCI® Automotive will not be responsible for incidental or consequential damages, property damage or personal damages to the extent permitted by law. If there is, by law, an implied warranty of merchantability and/or fitness, they are limited to the warranty term set forth above and start from the date of the original purchase. This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other legal rights, which vary from state to state or country to country.

This warranty is subject to the following: rebuilding of transmissions will be limited to replacement of all friction materials, gaskets and seals. There will be an additional charge for parts that are damaged as a result of items not covered by this warranty. Please note that all TCI® transmissions or converters must be operated with a transmission cooling system that is in addition to the stock radiator-type cooler.

It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that all of the components are correct before installation. Proper assembly always requires that the installer measure all tolerances for proper clearances. We assume no liability for any errors made in component selection or installation.

Merchandise Returns
In order to provide better customer service, we require prior approval before a customer returns merchandise for warranty or for other reasons. To obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA), contact us. All merchandise returned to us should be sent freight prepaid and insured, and delivered to the address listed here. TCI® is not liable for any taxes or duties associated with international shipments. Items returned for credit must be in perfect condition.

You must also include, inside the package, your name, address, phone number, fax and/or other contact information, along with an explanation of the problem and work to be done. This contact information is important because it allows us to get in touch with you concerning your parts.


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