Black Rock Warranty

CRAGAR/Black Rock Forged Alloys warrants to the
original retail purchaser that Wheels manufactured by CRAGAR Forged Alloys will be
free from structural failure, under normal
and intended use for a period of (3) years
from original purchase date, on all street
legal wheels manufactured after January 1,
1999. CRAGAR Forged Alloys further
warrants to the original retail purchaser
that the products manufactured by
CRAGAR Forged Alloys will be free from
defects in material and workmanship under
normal and intended use for a period of
one (1) year from the date of original
purchase as evidenced by invoice or bill of
sale, except that any such warranty shall
be for a period of (90) days with respect to
any claim that the wheel is out of round.
The factory polished finish on CRAGAR
Forged Alloy wheels can be maintained
with proper cleaning and care and is not
covered by this warranty.
CRAGAR Forged Alloys sole and exclusive
obligation under this warranty shall be to
repair or replace at CRAGAR Forged
Alloys’ sole discretion without charge, any
CRAGAR Forged Alloys product which is
returned (freight prepaid) and which, after
CRAGAR Forged Alloys examination,
shows that said product has failed in
normal use and service due to defects in
material and/or workmanship.
CRAGAR Forged Alloys, will not be
responsible for any damage or loss caused
by delays, failure, or any consequential damage arising from any cause
whatsoever, nor for labor, transportation,
or any other charges incurred in the
replacement or repair of a defective part.
This is a Limited Warranty. Therefore no
warranties or representations, expressed
or implied, including any implied warranty
of merchantability or fitness for particular
purpose which extend beyond the descriptions and limitations of the face hereof and
none shall be implied by law. CRAGAR
Forged Alloys neither assumes or authorizes any dealer, representative or other
person or entity to assume for it any
obligation or liability in connection with
CRAGAR Forged Alloys, Inc. products uses
or applications. CRAGAR Forged Alloys
further reserves the right to make changes
or improvements in design, materials or
specifications or make product changes
without incurring any obligation to
replace, change or improve products
manufactured prior hereto.
This Warranty does not limit rights which
may be available under individual
State Warranty laws.
IMPORTANT: All Warranty returns that are
reviewed by CRAGAR Forged Alloys
Warranty Return Department and found
not to be subject to warranty coverage, will
be returned to the sender, without repair or
replacement, at the sender’s expense.
CRAGAR Forged Alloys reserves the right
to change or correct price sheet errors
without notice.
1. The wheels have been damaged in
transit or misuse, accident or negligence,
or have been repaired or altered by one
other than CRAGAR Forged Alloys.
2. Wheels used on applications other than
the wheels specified use or that have been
used in racing or competition.
3. Wheels that have been installed not
using the correct mounting accessories or
procedures, or where the finish has been
damaged during tire mounting or by
balancing with the use of clip-on weights.
4. Wheels that have the finish damaged due
to neglect, corrosion, inclement weather,
chemicals, or improper wheel care.
5. Original invoice or sales receipt is
not available for verification, or upon
transfer of title of any products by the
original retail purchaser.

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