WELD Racing Warranty

Warranty and Purchasing Procedures
Claims: WELD takes pride in our shipping containers and go to extra effort to ensure that your order is received in good condition. Claims for any shortage or errors in shipment must be made within 24 hours of receipt of goods. Title of merchandise passes to buyer upon delivery to common carrier and delivery of all merchandise in good condition is the responsibility of the carrier. Claims for any damaged shipment must be filed with the carrier immediately upon receipt, no exceptions.

Damage or shortages: Carton shortages and damages must be notated on the carrier’s bill of lading at the time of receipt and a claim initiated with the shipping carrier. All WELD order discrepancies, such as concealed shortages found within a sealed shipment or concealed shipping damages must be submitted to WELD Customer Service via fax (816-842-6747), email (info@weldwheels.com) or by calling (800-788-9353) within 5 business days of delivery or the claim may be denied. WELD will review and confirm timely claims and either issue credit or replace part shortages at WELD’s discretion. Payment deductions by a Distributor are NOT allowed and will be charged back to the Distributor’s account along with any applicable finance charges for late payment and may result in suspension or termination of open account credit terms.

Credit Card Procedures: WELD requires 100% payment by Credit Card (in full) for all wheel classes of products (if pre-arranged payment terms have not been established). When the wheels (and any/all wheel products) have been built/completed and are ready to ship, the buyer will be charged/added the “actual” freight to the final shipping destination.

Limited Warranty: WELD’s warranty obligations for WELD Wheels (individually and collectively “Product(s)”) is limited to defects in materials and workmanship, as solely determined by WELD after careful inspection, for that period identified in the chart below that begins on the date of retail purchase by the original end-user purchaser (“Warranty Period”) as evidenced by the purchaser’s receipt of purchase.

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