ATK Engines Warranty

Warranty terms will vary with application but will generally be:

  • High-Performance Engines – 2 years, unlimited miles
  • High-Performance Marine – 18 months, unlimited hours
  • High-Performance Short Blocks – 90 days
  • Reman Stock Replacement Gasoline Engines – 3 years, unlimited miles, NFWG*
  • Reman Stock Replacement Rear Differentials – 3 years, unlimited miles.
  • Reman Marine Engines - 18 months, unlimited hours, NFWG*
  • Reman Transmissions – 36 months, unlimited mileage, NFWG*
  • Reman Diesel Engines - 12 months, or 12,000 miles
  • Reman Cylinder Heads - 12 months, or 12,000 miles

**ATK's Warranty only covers engines shipped and in use inside the contiguous USA (Lower 48 states). Engines shipped internationally carry no warranty, written or implied**

No-Fault Warranty Gold (NFWG)

Where applicable is extra, purchasable, warranty coverage that provides a first-time free repair or replacement unit regardless of cause of unit failure (while in normal operating situations). NFWG also allows a guarantee of labor of up to $95 per hour Mitchell time for repair or replacement. Towing, rental car, and fluid allowances are also included. No product warranty covers labor in the event the installation is DIY. If DIY elects to make their own installations or repair, they forfeit their labor portion of this warranty.

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