DANA Warranty

Dana’s obligation to review any warranty claim is subject to the following conditions:
The claim must be submitted by Dana’s direct customer, to their sales representative or Dana’s
customer service department, within 90 days from the date of the failure and must include the following
information: claim number, repair order number, installation date, failure date, mileage at time of
failure, explanation of the failure and the repair, identification of the failed Product (including model
and serial number) and cost of replacement parts.
If requested, the Product must be returned, freight collect, to Dana for examination.
Dana shall determine that none of the above warranty exclusions apply and that the Product was
defective when originally delivered to the purchaser. Dana’s determination of warranty coverage shall
be final in all cases.
Dana reserves the right to reject a warranty claim for any of the following reasons:
a. Original claim was filed after 90 days from the date of failure
b. Failure occurred beyond applicable warranty period
c. Claim information is insufficient
d. Product was not returned for inspection as requested
e. Product inspection does not substantiate claim or indicate a failure
f. Damage due to accident, negligence, abuse or misuse

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