OMIX-ADA Warranty

"OMIX-ADA, Inc. warrantees its product for specific periods shown on the product’s packaging and installation instructions. All
product returns must use the following procedure:
Effective January 1st, 2019
ffective September 1st, 2014
460 Horizon Dr.
Suwanee GA, 30042
Phone: (770) 614-6101
Fax: (770) 614-6069
OMIX-ADA – Terms & Conditions Guidelines

• Body tubs and body panels are in “raw” form (aka, stamped, welded, and primed). These are generalized and will need
modification to fit specific applications. Body tubs and body panels WILL require body work before painting. Therefore,
these products are sold “AS-IS”.
• Warranty is a part-for-part swap replacement. OMIX-ADA does not issue credit or reimbursement for warranty products.
• Warranty covers the product only, warranty does not cover labor or other costs related to the event.
• Any product requiring warranty reimbursement consideration MUST first be reported to OMIX-ADA, Inc. by the customer or
dealer. Any product to be returned to a distributor by a retailer MUST have a OMIX-ADA, Inc. Return Materials
Authorization (RMA) number assigned PRIOR to shipment from the retailer. Products returned to a distributor without an
RMA assigned by OMIX-ADA, Inc. prior to return will NOT be accepted.
• Obtain an RMA number from OMIX-ADA, Inc. by contacting Customer Service at 800-449-6649, or by email at Proof of purchase is required.
• Upon contacting OMIX-ADA, Inc. you’ll need to provide the proof of purchase, your company name, address, phone number
along with the contact person’s name. Provide the part number, description, and reason for the return. You may also need
to provide additional information requested by the customer service agent.
• Once an RMA has been provided, the shipment is to be sent freight prepaid to Omix-ADA, Inc. via the authorized carrier as
determined by Omix-ADA, Inc. Use of unauthorized carriers will not receive reimbursement or credit of shipping charges.
• Each return must be properly packaged to protect product from further damage, and each package must be labeled with
the RMA number. Credit will only be issued after items have been received, inspected and approved by OMIX-ADA, Inc.
The contact person will be notified by our Returns Department of any items not being accepted, covered by warranty or
claim, nor receiving credit for any reason, and the option to have that product returned to you at your expense, or
destroyed. It is the responsibility of the returning party to accurately determine the product in question has a material or
manufacturing defect prior to sending a return.
• Product that has been ordered in error or damaged during shipping does not qualify for warranty replacement.
• OMIX-ADA, Inc. reserves the right of final decision for any/all returns.
• Non-Covered items include, but are not limited to:
o Installation that did not properly follow the product installation directions
o Improper use of the product
o Improper cleaning or use of improper preserving products
o Customer modifications
Note: Missing parts are not considered a reason for return. Replacement parts will be shipped within 2 business days of your
call or email to Customer Service. Boxes for repackaging are available upon request. "

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