H3R Performance Warranty

"H3R Performance, Inc. (""COMPANY"") warrants that its products will be free from defects in material and workmanship under conditions of normal use. The warranty period will be six (6) years from the date of purchase for fire extinguishers; one (1) year from date of purchase for mounting accessories.

For extinguisher repairs due to defect or non-conformance, the original gray lockwire seal must be intact. Otherwise, COMPANY is not responsible for repairs. COMPANY will not be liable or responsible for any defects attributed to normal wear and tear, erosion or corrosion, improper storage, use or maintenance or use of COMPANY’S products with incompatible products.

All warranties are void if COMPANY’s products are modified or used in conjunction with products or accessories not manufactured or approved by COMPANY or which are incompatible with COMPANY’s products. In no event will any obligation to pay or refund exceed the purchase price actually paid. Repair and/or replacement will be shipped EXW (Ex-Works) COMPANY’S facility (per Incoterms® 2010) unless otherwise agreed in writing by COMPANY.

You will prepay all transportation charges for return of Goods or part thereof to COMPANY, unless otherwise agreed in writing by COMPANY. COMPANY will not be responsible for any labor, removal or installation charges that may result from the above-described repair and/or replacement of any products.

Your exclusive remedy and COMPANY’s sole liability for any loss, damage, injury or expense of any kind arising from manufacture, delivery, sale, installation, use or shipment of products will be, at COMPANY’s option, the remedies described above, whether based on contract, warranty, tort or any other basis of recovery.

All returned products must be securely packed by you to ensure that returned material is not damaged during shipment. All returns must be accompanied by a COMPANY - issued Return Materials Authorization (“RMA”), which can be obtained by written request from COMPANY explaining the nature of the problem. Please contact us at h3rinfo@h3rperformance.com to request an RMA number. Make sure to include your full name (as it appears on your order) & the order number."

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