Hella Inc. Warranty

"Warranty Scope and Terms
Hella Automotive Sales, Inc. extends a Limited Warranty to the original purchaser that
when used in normal service the products shall be free from defects in materials and /or
This statement of warranty supersedes any previous statement and can only be modified
in writing by an officer of Hella Automotive Sales, Inc.
The period of warranty is as follows:
After Market Customers:
(1) one year after retail purchase for non-LED products;
(2)two years after retail purchase for LED products unless it is specified and agreed
upon differently in writing dated in January of 2019 or later.
OEM customers:
(1) one year after date of purchase for non-LED products;
(2)two years after date of purchase for LED products unless it is specified and
agreed upon differently in writing dated in January of 2019 or later.
Warranty Exceptions and Requirements:
Bulbs: No warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, exists with regards to bulbs
unless specified below:
• Hella HP2.0 Performance Bulbs;
• Hella Plus50 Performance Bulbs;
• Optilux XB and XY Performance Bulbs;
• Hella Xenon Capsules.
However, certain applications may void warranty (as determined by Hella Automotive
Sales, Inc.).
Rev. 1 (March 2019) Page 3 of 4
a) A requirement for a claim is that the installation was carried out properly
i.e. in accordance with the installation instructions of the supplier by the client
or the client's customers.
b) Any kind of impact damage (e.g. breaking of a lens) precludes any claims against
the supplier. Further, this warranty does not cover damages from road hazards,
improper wiring or operation or willful abuse;
c) No claims may be made if the supplier’s components are improperly attached or
wired to other components;
d) The client is not entitled to claims based on defects of wear and tear parts or the
repair thereof or resulting from such defects.
Hella Automotive Sales, Inc. is not liable for incidental, consequential damages, nor
shall Hella Automotive Sales, Inc.’s liability for any claims or damage arising out of or
connected with this Limited Warranty exceed the purchase price of the products.
The loss of use of the product, loss of time, inconvenience caused by non-operation of
the product, commercial loss, are not covered. The manufacturer reserves the right to
change the design of the product without assuming any obligation to modify any
product previously manufactured or to replace warranted product other than with
redesigned product.
This Hella Limited Warranty gives you special legal rights. You may also have other
rights which vary from state to state.
Claims Process and Procedure:
When a Hella product is suspected to be defective, contact your Customer Service
Representative for warranty submission.
All warranty returns require a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number clearly
marked on the outside of the carton being returned. The entire product must be
returned, not just suspected defective part(s), shipped freight prepaid together with the
detailed written description of suspected failure.
Rev. 1 (March 2019) Page 4 of 4
Hella reserves the right to provide replaced product via freight prepaid or a warranty
credit if customer so desires.
We inspect all merchandise carefully for correct quantity, damages and defects. In case
of shipping damage and Short or Over Shipment, the following apply:
a) Carrier assumes responsibility upon receipt and all claims for damage or carton
shortages at destination must be filed by customer against carrier if the customer
employs the carrier. In the event Hella Automotive Sales, Inc. employs the
carrier, customer needs to send relevant information to Hella Automotive Sales,
Inc. within the time frame referenced below in item b and c.
b) Claims for merchandise shortages as well as packaging damages must be filed
with Hella Automotive Sales, Inc. in accordance with our procedure and within
(3) three days after receipt of shipments. Any claim after this period will not be
c) Claims for concealed shipping damage can be processed via your local sales
person and/or customer service. Claims must be reported within a time frame of
(30) thirty days upon receipt of the products or according to the rules of the
carrier utilized for the specific shipments whichever is shorter. "

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