Ford Performance Warranty

Performance Packs and Components are warranted for factory-supplied material or workmanship when correctly
and completely installed on a late model Ford vehicle by an authorized Ford or Lincoln Dealer, Shelby American,
Inc., or an automotive service technician certified by the Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) or
endorsed by the Red Seal Program (RSE). This Performance Packs and Components Limited Warranty begins
upon installation and registration of the part(s) with Ford Performance and remains in effect for the balance of 36
months or 36,000 miles / 60,000 kilometres, whichever occurs first, calculated from the start date of the
manufacturer's New Vehicle Limited Warranty.
Installation of these select Ford Performance warranted performance packs and components by an
authorized installer will NOT void your New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Engine, driveline and suspension
concerns not caused by the use of Ford Performance parts remain eligible for warranty coverage according to the
terms of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty.
Ford Performance parts are aftermarket parts. The use of Ford Performance parts may impact the performance
characteristics of other systems of the vehicle. Even when operating properly, Ford Performance parts, such as
these, have the potential to adversely impact other systems of the vehicle. If an adverse impact is caused by a
warranted Ford Performance pack or component, the period and coverage of this Ford Performance Limited
Warranty applies to the repairs.
Premium Fuel Requirement: Customers who purchase power upgrade packs, cold air kits with calibration, engine
calibrations, or superchargers are required to use 91-octane or higher (“premium”) fuels at all times. Any failures
associated with the non-use of premium fuel will be ineligible for warranty repair.
Performance Handling Pack FR3/FR3A Note:Performance handling packs are designed for "Track Day" ride and
handling. Such performance standards suggest the vehicle ride will be more indicative of race performance
vehicles. Certain vehicle conditions including, but not limited to, squeaks, rattles and harsh ride related to use of a
Performance Handling Pack or components will not be covered under this Limited Warranty. The performance
handling pack requires the use of original equipment size wheels only. It is strongly recommended after installation
that the alignment be checked to ensure measurements are within factory specifications. Premature tire
degradation will not be covered under this Limited Warranty. Contact the Ford Performance Call Center at (800)
367-3788 or for front end alignment information.


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