Hyperco Warranty

"Hypercoils are guaranteed for life to the original purchaser with proof of purchase from Hyperco or our authorized dealers/distributors. The warranty guarantees that the coils will remain within two percent of the original manufacturing tolerances for rate and free length when properly cared for & used in normal racing conditions.

You should be aware that not all lifetime warranties are created equally. For example, we have had Dirt Late Model racers tell us of instances when a spring with a lifetime guarantee settled an inch or more. When a race car’s handling goes away, the reduced performance is sometimes attributed to such things as changing track conditions, wrong tire choice and overheating shocks, rather than to a loss of suspension coil free length and a change in chassis balance.

Our lifetime warranty states that hypercoils are designed to give extended service without losing free length (taking set). The Hypercoils warranty also includes a 2% tolerance on rate and free length. Some of our client’s cars run at top speeds of 250 mph at ride heights within a 1/4″ of the track surface. Their ride heights are measured then set to within thousandths of an inch. Believe it or not, those few thousandths of an inch can make the difference between qualifying and getting bumped, winning or losing!

The bottom line is that some springs may cost a few dollar less, and come with a lifetime warranty. However, our coils have a lifetime warranty that also includes specific performance guarantees."

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