PROMAXX Warranty

"Limited Three Month Warranty:

ProMaxx Performance warrants its cylinder heads to the original purchaser only. For so long as the original owner has possession of the head(s), a three-month warranty is extended that covers defects in both workmanship and material of the cylinder heads, provided that the head(s) are properly installed, not altered or abused. ProMaxx Performance will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace the heads that failed due to defective workmanship or materials. This is limited to cylinder head castings only. Any claimed head defects must be returned to purchase location for inspection, copy of original purchase must accompany claim or claim is invalid. Should claim be substantiated, repaired or replacement cylinder heads will be forwarded to retail sales outlet that sold the heads originally. Warranty covers cylinder heads only, and not the cost of installation or removal. No consequential, related, incidental or punitive damages including lost time, rentals, loss of profit or income or personal injury may be claimed against ProMaxx Performance. ProMaxx Performance cylinder heads may not be street legal and may violate factory warranties. Valve train warranty, valves, springs, retainers, locks, and seals have a 90-day warranty. This warranty is for replacement only. Claimed defective parts must be returned to purchase location for inspection. Only those valve train parts sold through ProMaxx Performance and their current distributors will be considered for warranty replacement. Valve train warranty does not include installation, removal or related parts. ALWAYS CHECK PISTON TO VALVE CLEARANCE WHEN INSTALLING AFTERMARKET CAMSHAFTS OR HEADS.

*Acceptance of these heads and parts is considered acceptance of this warranty."

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