Stack Gauges Warranty

Equipment Warranties
a) Stack warrants new Equipment to be free from defects caused by faulty materials or poor
workmanship for a period from the ex-works shipment date:
ST400 Tachos Twelve Months
all other Equipment Twelve months
Associated sensors Three months, excepting
exhaust-gas sensors which are consumable items.
b) Stack warrants the workmanship and replacement parts of repaired Equipment for ninety days
from the ex-works shipment date.
c) Stack shall incur no liability under these warranties unless:
(i) Stack is notified in writing upon discovery of any such defects by the Purchaser, and
(ii) The defective item is returned at the expense of the Purchaser to Stack or to such person
as Stack may direct, within the warranty period, and
(iii) The tamper seals are undisturbed, and
(iv) Examination by Stack of such item shall disclose to its satisfaction that such defects exist
and have not been caused by misuse, neglect, repair, alteration or accident.
d) The liability of Stack under this warranty shall in any event be limited to replacing, repairing, or
issuing credit at its option for any item of the Equipment which is returned by the Purchaser as
aforesaid, and to returning the repaired or replaced item to the Purchaser.
e) The Purchaser shall pay to Stack the amount of cost (as certified by Stack) of any tests of
equipment returned by the Purchaser for examination together with the costs of returning such
equipment to Stack and their subsequent return to the Purchaser in the event that Stack is found
not to be liable for the defect under the terms of this warranty.

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