Fidanza Warranty

Fidanza Warranty
LIMITED WARRANTY: Except for high performance parts, seller warrants this merchandise to be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year from date of purchase. This limited warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, warranty of merchantability, and warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. SELLER DISCLAIMS ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR COMMERCIAL LOSSES, INCLUDING LABOR CLAIMS from use of this merchandise. If the merchandise fails to conform as warranted, deliver or ship it to seller, freight prepaid, along with proof of purchase and note explaining defect, defective, merchandise will be repaired or replaced free of charge, or credit given at seller’s option. This warranty shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with Ohio law.

HIGH PERFORMANCE PARTS, SERVICE AND INFORMATION EXCLUDED FROM WARRANTY: Due to the unusual stress placed on high performance parts, and because of the circumstances under which they are often used, high performance parts are sold without warranty, AS IS, WITH ALL FAULTS, and all warranties, expressed or implied, of merchantability, or of fitness for a particular purpose, or otherwise are expressly disclaimed and denied.

NO INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIONS OR AGREEMENTS. There are no agreements outside of this written contract, except as the parties have elsewhere agreed in writing, nor has either party been induced to enter this agreement as the result of any oral representation or promise. Each party has relied on his own expertise and knowledge in entering this contract and each party acknowledges the consideration for the contract to be valuable and sufficient.

DUTIES: The duty of Fidanza Performance to the customer is strictly contractual and shall in no way exceed the duties accepted herein, and where there appears an ambiguity in the contract language, the same shall be construed to limit the duty of Fidanza Performance.

CONSENT TO JURISDICTION: The parties agree that any dispute arising out of parts, service or information provided by Fidanza Performance shall be decided by the courts of the state of Ohio and that no other court shall have jurisdiction over said dispute. Fidanza Performance maintains no sales force, service facility or agents outside the state of Ohio. EMISSION CONTROL COMPLIANCE: Customers are responsible for emission control compliance (if any) of Fidanza Performance’s engine and/or other components in their locality.

For warranty questions, please contact Fidanza Performance direct at 440-259-5656 or email us at

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